went to hospital with a blood infection that sped into my spinal fluid, and left me partially disabled, after they did emergency back surgery on me. However they told my father that i'd probably wouldn't survive the surgery, and at the same time my father also found out i was Transgendered; and he decided i was no son of his and stole every dollar i had in my bank account, a little over $30k, which i was planning on going to Thialand for Facial Feminization surgery & Vocal cord Feminizaton surgery to start with; and after phycological approval (a requirement that i was in process of, both then & now), a requirement for actual SRS surgery, and after final approval by the phychologists, would go back to Thialand for this surgery too. Now i'm still in internal & external turmoil, especially since i had the cash and my life was ready to change to who i should of been at birth. Now being partially disabled, i'll never be able to achieve my destiny, without the help of human kindness and understanding in this concern. Thank You in advance for any donation given.


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